Maximize the Sale and Management of Your Online Ads with AdLantis!

AdLantis is an online ad management system to deliver, manage, and optimize your ads.

All features are provided free of charge

You can check the status of filled ads from the calendar

Are you still managing ads with spreadsheets? With AdLantis you can manage ads intuitively using calendars.

Run multiple ad images and text as well as manage them individually

Find out your most effective ads while operating multiple ad images and ad text simultaneously.

Sell ads based on click, impression, or period

Set the cost per click, impression, or for a given period and sell ads. By providing a variety of ad purchase options you can cater to various client needs.

System load can be distributed by separating the web service and ad management service.

By separating the ad delivery system from your site management, you can minimize risks and cut costs. AdLantis is a specialized ad delivery system for the operation of ad sales.